A Thousand Birds Fly Down A Chimney-Take OVER A House!

A California couple returned home from a trip this week to find their home had been overtaken by birds.

Hundreds of birds. "As we pulled up, we were thinking, you know, 20 birds or so -- that's no big deal," says Gary Reitemeyer, owner of the Redding home. "We open the door and it's like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

There were birds flying everywhere. I mean, it was crazy. We were ducking and dodging." Animal officials say the birds, a swarm of swallows, had entered the home through the chimney. Although the Reitemeyers were able to shoo the birds out of the house in about three hours, the winged creatures left a reminder behind.

"You can't get all that bird stuff out of the furniture," Reitemeyer said. "So all of the furniture is gone, all of the carpet is gone, the blinds are gone -- everything. Everything is gone." What's the worst damage a wild animal has done to your home?

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