Cooking on a Budget 05-23-19


If you want to celebrate the long weekend you can get $5.99lb lobsters at Hannaford until Saturday or at Shaw’s Friday-Sunday

Steak Tips are cheaper at Shaw’s than MB this week but you have to hit the 3 day sale!


Bone-In Rib Eye Steak - $5.99lb (Rib Eye Steak with Carmalized Onions and Bleu Cheese Sauce)

Lobsters - $5.99lb (Just a great deal if you are in the mood for lobster)

Sweet Corn – 5/$1 (Grill it up for Grilled Corn Salad – My buddy Mix Tape Mike’s Recipe)

Vidalia Onions – 79 Cents lb (Rib Eye Steak with Carmalized Onions and Bleu Cheese Sauce)

Zucchini or Summer Squash – 99 cents lb (Turkey and Veggie Curry Quinoa)

Hannaford White and Yellow American - $2.99lb (Kid’s Sandwiches this week)

Heinz Ketchup - $2.29 (Stock up sale)

Hannaford Baby Red Potatoes - $2.99 bag (Fingerling, Yukon, Purple) (Smashed Baby Potatoes)

ALDI – Sales end on Saturday

Strawberries –$1.29LB (Healthy snacks)

Blueberries - $1.79 pint (Healthy snacks)

Clancy’s Potato chips - $1.09 (even cheaper than normal! Stock up!)

Fresh St.Louis Pork Spare Ribs - $1.99lb (Grilled ribs dinner)

Bag Spinach - $1.55 bag (Zuppa Toscano Soup)

White Mushrooms - $1.35 package (Turkey and Veggie Curry Quinoa)

Cauliflower - $2.99 each (Zuppa Toscano Soup)

Cilantro – 99 cents each (Turkey and Veggie Curry Quinoa)

Brocoli package - $1.89 each (Stuffed Brocoli and cheese chicken)

Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese - $2.55 (2 ¾ cups) (Stuffed Brocoli and cheese chicken and hashbrown casserole)

Boneless Chicken Breast - $1.89lb (Stuffed Brocoli and cheese chicken)

Blue Cheese Crumbles - $2.55 package(Rib eyes with Blue Cheese Sauce)

Roma Tomatoes - $1.55 (package) (Grilled garlic tomatoes)

SHAWS – Starts Friday

3 Day Sale Items – (not for menu but take advantage!)

Lobster and Raw Shrimp - $5.99lb

Steak Tips - $4.77lb (Freezer stock up)

Fresh Ground Beef - $1.99

Sweet Italian Sausage - $1.99 package

Spiked Seltzer - $9.99 12 pack

Coca Cola – 4 for $10 (must buy 4)

Good deals of the week (not for the menu):

Pringles – 2 for $3

Post Cereal – 2 for $4 (Honey Bunches of Oats, Cocoa Pebbles, etc)

Pure Protein or Zone Perfect Bars – 10 for $10

Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs or Leg Quarters or Whole Chicken – 88 cents lb

MARKET BASKET – Starts on Sunday

Thin N Trim Chicken Sausage – 2 for $5 (Zuppa Toscano Soup)

93% Lean Fresh Ground Turkey - $3.49 package (Turkey and Veggie Curry Quinoa)

Stella Shaved Parmesan – 2 for $4 (Zuppa Toscano Soup)

Organic Kale - $1.99 a bunch (Turkey and Veggie Curry Quinoa)

Boneless Chicken Breast (if you don’t have Aldi) - $1.99lb (Stuffed Brocoli and cheese chicken)


Eurpoean seedless cucumbers – 69 cents each

Doritos - $1.99 a bag!

Triscuits/Wheat Thins – 2 for $4

Danimals Drinks – 2 for $4 (kids snacks!)

Roast Beef from the deli - $5.99 lb


RIB EYE STEAK WITH CARMALIZED ONIONS AND BLUE CHEESE SAUCE, GRILLED GARLIC TOMATOES AND BABY SMASHED POTATOES – Take your rib eyes out and get them to room temp before cooking.Rub with a dry rub (mix: garlic and onion powder, oregano, paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, a little brown sugar). Cook your Vidalia onions in butter and set aside.In your onion pan, pour in some heavy cream, a little more butter and crumbled blue cheese.Once a thick consisitency add your onions and set aside to top your cooked steak.For your Garlic Tomatoes: Ripe Red Roma tomatoes, cut in half the long way.Season with salt, pepper and garlic powder.In a pan, heat some olive oil, some minced garlic, once garlic is cooked pour oil/garlic mixture in bowl.Grill your tomatoes cut side down on the girll for 5 minutes or so.Turn over spoon or brush some garlic mixture and cook now up right for another 3 minutes.Pull of the grill and top with fresh thyme leaves and Parmaginao-Reggiano.For your Potatoes: Boil water, with salt, smashed garlic cloves, rosmary springs and your potatoes. Once tender pull out of water and put on cookie sheet.Smash with your palm and then drizzle with olive oil and bake for 25 minutes or until crispy.In a bowl melt some butter, add parsley, thyme, minced garlic and salt. Coat the smashed potatoes with this butter mixture when you take out of the oven and serve.

GRILLED SPARE RIBS AND CORN SALAD – Rub your ribs with olive oil and then a mixture of brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, dry mustard. Then wrap with saran wrap and keep in fridge for up to a day.Take out at least 30 minutes before grilling to get it up to temp.Put the ribs in an aluminum roasting pan, and cover with tinfoil tightly.Let them sit on the grill for an hour. While that is cooking in a pot whisk together orange marmalade, some apple juice and apple cider vinegar.When your ribs are done start brushing the marmalade sauce on the ribs and pull out of pan and cook on the grill directly.Keep brushing on and flipping until there is a nice crust.For your Corn salad: Cook corn and jalapenos directly on the grill evenly turning and grilling until soft.Cut the corn off the cob once finished, cut the jalapenos in half and remove seeds, chop and add to corn.While corn is cooling mix crème fraiche and rice vinegar. Chop cucumbers, chives, bacon and add to corn/jalapeno mixture.Season with salt and pepper.

ZUPPA TOSCANO SOUP – Dice up your favorite flavor chicken sausages, chopped Vidalia onion and some bacon (I use a mix of my fav sausages - garden vegetable, spinach and red onion and spicy Italian) cook up together and put in a large pot.Add in some chicken broth, garlic and if you are low carbing then you can chop up

cauliflower and add or you can cook up some diced potatoes and add when soft.Add Heavy cream and chopped baby spinach and I also chop up some roasted red peppers.Add some grated parmasean cheese, salt and pepper and crushed red pepper flakes.

TURKEY AND VEGGIE CURRY QUINOA – Cook up your turkey burger with some onions and season with some salt, pepper, garlic powder, ginger, cumin, curry seasoning.Set the turkey burger/onions aside.In the same pan, cook chopped mushrooms, chopped kale, chopped tomatoes, chopped zucchini and summer squash in coconut or olive oil.Once cooked put the turkey burger back in pan and add some coconut milk (the more milk the thinner the curry, the less the thicker).You can add more curry powder and seasonings to your taste. Once all cooked together at the consistency and taste you like serve over your cooked quinoa and garnish with cilantro (and jalapenos if you want the spice like me).

BROCOLI AND CHEESE STUFFED CHICKEN AND HASHBROWN CASSEROLE – Butterfly your chicken breast so you form a pocket and pound your chicken out so it’s not too thick.Season your chicken with salt, pepper onion and garlic powder.Chop up some broccoli and steam until tender but not mushy.Once cooked, mix with cheddar cheese and a little bit of mayonnaise.Stuff the mixture into the chicken breast and hold closed with toothpick.Put some olive oil in a skillet and sear each side of the chicken until it’s a golden brown.Once seared, put in the oven to finish cooking (maybe 15-20 min).Serve with more broccoli on the side. For your hashbrown casserole: Mix a package of frozen hash brown potatoes (defrosted), shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, melted stick of butter, chopped onions and a can of cream of chicken soup and season with salt, pepper, garlic powder and stir.Put in a casserole dish and bake 45 minutes (I broil at the end to get a crispy top layer).



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