My Weekend: Brews, Eagles Eatin', Connie & Arnie, Pats, Target Practice

Well, I'm trying to recover from the fiasco of a football game by not thinking about it, but I have to in order to do this.


Wide open in the end zone and Mac throws a pick. I think that was the last straw for him. And maybe even Bellichick. Who knows...

It started off well enough -

First quarter, opening rush- we were moving. Then Jones remembered he's allergic to the goal line and the whole thing went to shit.

But hey- lets not talk about it, ok?

Anyyyywayyyyyyyyyy -

Started Friday night with Valerie and our Brew Tour buddies Gary and Lorraine. This time we ended up in a little place in Gonic NH - Back Hill Brewing Co!

I got the Triple Crown Blonde Ale and it was good!!! And from there we headed out to find a place to watch the Celts and grab some food, so we ended up at Diverge in Dover NH. My nephew TJ and his partner Shannon own the place, and TJ is an INCREDIBLE Chef (although- I might be a bit biased! haha- But Im telling the truth, honest!)

Got up early on Saturday morning to go see if I could visit with some bald eagles that have been returning to the area and I ended up in York ME. I didn't go out to photograph the sunrise, but while I was passing Long Sands, the sun was about to come up, so I pulled over to just watch it. And right there in front of me, where i pulled over, two people were standing down on the beach, about 4 feet apart. It didn't appear that they were talking, they were just staring out at the ocean. In just minutes- the sun was going to rise directly in front of them, and they were just there to watch it. No words were needed. I loved the thought of that - so i grabbed the camera and took this picture a moment after the sun rose-

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

It was a cool moment to see.They were appreciating the rise of the sun just like I do. And a cormorant swam by as if on cue! Haha! The sun rose and when it fully rose above the horizon, the two people turned and kept walking along the beach. If you know who it is/was (sunrise on Saturday 11/11 on York Long Sands), let them know. I'd love to give them prints of this shot.

Next, I got lucky and spotted the eagle I came to see.

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And I watched this bird fly off the branch, he/she headed for the shore of a nearby island where breakfast was being served - in the form of a dead duck (I think).

Here's a little video I made. The eagle(s) were about 200-300 yds away, so it's not the best, but it's cool nonetheless- especially when the eagles mate shows up to eat!

Hey man, you may think it's gross - but it's nature. Circle of life, baby!

Had dinner with the 'rents on Saturday night! Connie and Arnie- rolling in HOT for a little Saturday night Chow at the house!

We had just eating and were solving the problems of the world! Well, my Dad was, anyway- haha -

Slept in on Sunday morning to watch the Pats - as mentioned earlier- and then we headed out to do a little range practice with friends! One of them has a membership at White Birch Armory - so we hit the range!

Even Valerie got into the mix!

Always good to keep up the practice!

Then it was home to do some yard stuff- and we ended it watching a little tv and having a beer -

Oh, before I forget- I also picked up the framed photographs for Lend a Helping Can that my friend Amy did at AMY'S FRAME SHOP in Durham NH! She's incredible at framing and there isn't anyone I'd trust my work to!

These framed, signed photos will be part of our LEND A HELPING CAN ONLINE AUCTION, so look em up on our website on the LEND A HELPING CAN PAGE!

That's it for me, kids!

Hope you did something fun this weekend-


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