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Guy Falls Asleep in Barber Chair- FOR 3+ Hours!

Cool story!

A construction worker - exhausted from the job - fell asleep in the barber chair, and they let his stay that way FOR 3+ HOURS!

Check it out-

Pretty cool salute to the working men and women in that post!

Hats off to the folks at that barber shop -


ps. If you heard the show, you know that my stance is that I never want to fall asleep in public. Too many potential embarrassing noises could come out of me!! And - you end up getting photos like this!

See!!! I was makin' noises when i fell asleep on the plane last week and my buddy Tom was bustin my balls!!! hahah -

Sleep in public? No thank you. I try not to - but sometimes ya just can't help it!!!

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