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My Weekend: Roadtrip-VT, Brew Tour, Sunrise, Stuffed Creatures and The Game

The weekend started at 10:20am on Friday when I pointed the Ridgeline toward Vermont and said "Go!". And it did.

I wanted to take a roadtrip to check out some farms in the Green Mountain State with the camera, and the road took me up through Barnet and Peacham, to Ryegate, Barre, Waterbury, Fayston, The Mad River Valley, Waitsfield, Jericho, and a bunch of towns in between.

I love travelling the backroads of VT because they're dirt, but they are almost always in great condition!

Almost always. Hahah - The rain turned em a bit muddy, so some of those hills were pretty tricky! Still I loved it!

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Here's one from Barnet (as best I could tell, anyway! And that reminds me - why the **** don't tell you the name of the town YOU'RE IN!?? They can tell you the speed limit of any road you're on, how about posting the town you're in on the friggin screen! Just a thought.)

And heres one in Ryegate...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

But my fave of the day was in Waitsfield, overlooking Sugarloaf North. Here's the Bragg Farm...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Hows that for a million dollar view, huh?

And let me just say - the coolest little store/deli/post office in the world is in Jericho VT. What a great place! I hear the sandwiches are killer too! (No, i didn't get one, just grabbed a drink).

This is the kind of place I LOVE to stop at on roadtrips. They're the best-

I spent most of Saturday preparing for a presentation I'm giving about my photography at the Portsmouth Library at 7pm on Tuesday. It's free and put on by the Seacoast Camera Club. Find out more info on the previous post on my page here. It's about how photography has helped me change my life.

Anyway- Saturday night- we resumed the Brew Tour. I think we're at about 30-40 brew pubs visited since we started, and we ended up in Scarborough ME at Nonesuch Brewing Co! and I and our friends Lorraine and Gary had a great time there! I had the Blonde Blonde Ale - and it was good! The food was also excellent!

Nice place too!

Swung into Cabela's afterward (it's right down the street) and was greeted by this guy -

I looked at this guy and started thinking- "What was he thinking in his final moment?"

From the looks of it, it looks to me as if it might be something: "What the f*** is THAT?", or - "Who in their RIGHT MIND would wear an ORANGE HAT in the woods????".

Then I saw the whole lot of magnificent animals who lived a wonderful life, before they were harvested (which I have no problem with). I do, however, kind of get irked that they're stuffed in what's akin to the Zoo Of The Dead, getting gawked at my people like me who are buying a tshirt and some beef jerky......<grin>. Just seems- "unfortunate" to have your carcass spend eternity in a store gathering dust. No?

Sunday morning I hit the coast for sunrise- and got this-

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Nice morning along Long Sands in York ME....

Then a visit with this guy....

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

A maturing bald eagle. Almost mature, but not quite (you can tell by the white under the wings).

Then some home time and then over to Dave and Jolenes to watch the Super Bowl.

Yeah- I SAID IT! SUPER BOWL SUPER BOWL SUPER BOWL!!!! Take THAT NFL legal department!!! (you cant legally use that phrase when "promoting" something by a business or the legals descend on you!!)

Suck it, Legal!


Im such bad ass.

And my only comment about the bowl was that if any player approached, bumped, and screamed at Belichick during the game -

like Travis Kelce did, their ass would be on the bench for the remained of it. Super Bowl or not. Bad optic, bro.

Other than that, congrats to the Chiefs.

Hope you had a good day!


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