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Chicken Owner Freaks: Her Chickens Freeze, Don't Move for 2 Min!

This chicken owner goes out o feed the chickens - and they all suddenly FREEZE! They don't move an inch for more

than 2 full minutes! Check it out -

Now, I love chicken - when it's roasted, fried, baked, or boiled. But I am not a fan of live chickens.

Don't trust em. They'll peck your eyes out, just to disable ya- then they'll attack your juggular.

So if I saw this- Id think it was some evil chicken hatched plan to attack me. You know, kind of distract me while their buddies circle my flank and attack from all angles!

But that's now what this way -

The real reason this happened was - apparently- there was a hawk in a nearby tree that had killed a few other chickens the previous day- and I guess when chickens see a bird of prey in their vicinity - they freeze and remain motionless!

At least - that's what I read.

*But I'm still gonna be wary of those devious little peckerheads....


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