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GREAT SHOW! Shinedown at BankNH Pavilion!

What a night at the BankNH Pavilion with our friends in SHINEDOWN!!!

The band put on a great show, as usual, and the crowd was awesome!

I took a few pics of some folks I got to meet - and I want to say "Thank You" to ALL of the folks I got to meet in the crowd last night! I couldn't get pics with all of you, but I/we always appreciate getting a chance to say "Hi" to you all in person!

I did get a chance to hang with Brent Smith for about an hour, and it was nice catching up! The dude is such a smart, caring guy- who has a memory like a steel vault! The guy remembers conversations we had years ago - and I can't remember what I had for breakfast!

Our relationship is in its 20th year- stretching way back to the release of their first album! And Brent and the band are huge supporterss of our "Lend a Helping Can" program, and they've always been there for us!

Brent is one of the best dudes in the rock world. Period.

If you missed the show- here's the set list -

Got to get up and greet the crowd!

Pretty sure someone flashed me their breasts while I was up there-

I don't know who he was- but I appreciated it! <grin>

Here's some of the other folks I met at the show

And here's something you don't see at a show-

A family of raccoons were living in the rafters last night! There were 3 of them on the left side of the pavilion! They were adorable to watch - but I don't mess with em. They'll rip your jugular out, bro! haha

And now the backstage area-

The BankNH Pavilion has been voted Best Venue in America - and with good reason. First- the fan experience is always awesome, but the backstage area for the artists in clearly 2nd to NONE.

Just off the stage is an area with a fireplace with couches and tables around it - complete with everything you need to make S'mores! The bands and their families, and crew members love to chill out there before, during and after the shows!

And in the catering building- there's an incredible array of food that is there for the taking. Everything from lobster, to chicken, vegetarian options and more. And of course- the dessert and candy store at the end is always a bonus!

It was a great night with Shinedown and Papa Roach and it was capped (for us) with a very kind shout out from the stage from Brent Smith -

Hope you guys enjoyed the show as much as I did!


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