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Sky Show 2023!

Had a great time at SkyShow this past weekend , and Recycled Percussion put on a killer set to end the night with an insane fireworks display!

Here's some shots from the day - and special thanks to our friend, and excellent photographer- Lizz Ellis (Lizz Ellis Photography)!!!

Here's us with Ryan Vezina of Recycled Percussion!

And here's Lizz!

Some pics with listeners that Lizz took -

Just having a beer or two...

Clearly- I'm the Balls.

haha. Not.

But here's Roadkill and I backstage after MJ Live took the stage

And we're standing there when Ryan walks by without a shirt on - and that's when it hit me -

WHO KNEW!!!???

I mean, YOU CANT EVEN TELL US APART!!!! Its uncanny!!!

*another good shot by Lizz Ellis Photography

It was a fun day for all of us! Great to meet so many folks!

And congrats to Justin Spencer and Recycled Percussion for another successful Skyshow!


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