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2022 Granite Chef Pics!!!

So heres some of the pics from this years GRANITE CHEF COMPETITON! Thanks so much to Lavalley-Middleton Building Supply and On the Vine Marketplace!

And congrats to Kelly Brown and his Co-Chef Taylor - on the win, and being crowned the new GRANITE CHEF CHAMPION!

Heres a few pics from the morning-

First up is team Laura and Laura - or L Squared! They cooked a turkey gyro, cous cous salad and lemon grilled potatoes

The 2 Laura's dish was a Greek Lamb Gyro sandwich with a cous cous and grilled potatoes -

Roadkill and Jimmy D dish was a grilled bourbon infused pork chop, with grilled peppers

Justin (my co-chef) and I chose to make a Ribeye steak with a brown sugar, ancho chili powder garlic rub, along with Bang Bang Siracha Shrimp, and Blasted Asparagus

And the winning team - Kelly and Taylor - grilled a rack of lamb, with peach gazpaucho, and corn and potato salad!

Thanks to our judges- Chef Corey from Lilac City Grille, Sean from On The Vine Marketplace, Chef Spencer from Granite State Lunchbox, and Amanda from Lavalley Middleton Building Supply!

We had a blast!

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