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Last Weekend in Pics.... (The Late Edition)

My apologies for being late on this- but I spent the entire weekend up in Acadia National Park, and this week has been one shit show after another...

But that's another story for another day - hahah....

Anyway- I spent three days in Acadia looking for places I hadn't been to, visiting places I loved, and shooting photos from 4am till 10pm with very little sleep. (And Im paying for that this week!)

Acadia NP is one of my favorite places go to because of the wealth of beautiful spots. It's what photographers call "a target rich environment"! In addition- roadtrips like this are a great therapy for me. It's a chance to tune out the "noise" that life throws at you - and it just gives me a chance to breathe. And luckily - Valerie completely understands. She's always welcome to join me - but she knows I need that quiet time, and she's very supportive about me taking it.

So - heres' some of what I got...

It took 4 hours to get to Schoodic Peninsula in Winter Harbor so that I could stand on this rocky ledge and try to photograph the sunset.

The sun and sky didn't cooperate with my plans - but it was nice just the same...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

Little did I know that this was the last piece of the sun I would see for the entire weekend.

From there - the next morning- it was over to Jesup Path -one of my favorite spots to visit...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And while I was there, I was being followed by a friendly deer- who's friends were all around as well. She followed me along the path- then got in front of me- when this happened:

Pretty cool to see- from 15 feet away. She - and her friends -weren't bothered by me in the least. That was pretty cool....

Oh, and if you're wondering what my set up is when Im roadtripping- it looks something like this - from the pilot seat:

Coffee? Check. Camera? Of course. Snacks? Duh....

And a personal tip for you - you might want to refrain from eating this whole thing of blueberries in the course of two days.

And thats all Im going to say about that....

Next, I went in search of an old stone bridge near a waterfall - that I had never been to before...

See this face? THIS - is the face of a guy who took the wrong trail - for 2 miles- DOWNHILL- only to have to walk back 2 miles UPHILL to make the turn he should have taken - and THEN - walk another mile uphill to get where I was supposed to go in the first place!

Still -the moron in the photo eventually DID find what he was looking for...

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

I knew the flow wouldnt be great- but i wanted to find the place so when it WAS flowing - i'd have an easier time finding it. Yeah, planning is everything when you do this stuff.

This is just another spot that makes Acadia a New England stand out. Amazing sights like this at every turn. If you've never been - GO.

Photo: Greg Kretschmar

And lastly - on Saturday night- I tried to find a bar to sit at and watch the Celtics. I went to FOUR bars in Bar Harbor- and NONE of them had the game on!!


What self respecting BAR in New England - doesnt put the Celtics game on the tv when its the playoffs???

You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Thankfully- I found ALOHA - a Hawaiian Poke Bowl place that had the gamd on! So I sit at the bar- and theres 5 other dudes sitting there too. I felt weird about ordering a soda- so I just ordered a beer.

Not being a beer guy- I chose something familiar - the Coors Light - instead of getting something I have no idea about- and having it taste like skunk piss to me.

So I go with Coors.

And I've been getting ragged on ever since. Beer shaming at it's finest!!!!

Anyway- it didn't help. The Celtics were pathetic. They made it close. Once. But that was it.

Still - a great weekend for me that Im still recovering from - hahaha -

Hope yours was good too -


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