IMPRESSIVE! Reporter Gets Hit By Van on Live TV- and Keeps on Reporting!

This woman is a badass.

Most people get a hangnail and they cant work. This tv reporter GETS CLOCKED BY A FRIGGIN MOVING CAR- and sets the camera back up and keeps reporting!!!

Hit by a friggin car!

Tori Yorgey of WSAZ-TV in Charleston was reporting on a water main break when a vehicle collided with her live on the air. Yorgey was rattled, but didn't miss a beat - informing viewers "I just got hit by a car, but I'm okay... that's live TV for you".

Yorgey finished her live shot, mentioning that she was once hit by a car "just like that" in college, and adding "You know, it's my last week on the job, so I'd think that would happen".

Kudos to Tori.

BUT- check out the face the anchor makes!!! Dude! Are you CLUELESS? Looks like he could care less!!

And then he casually adds "Well- thats a first a first for ya on TV, Tori!" in a typical tv anchor "yuk yuk I dont know what to say" Ron Burgundy moment! Ugh-

ps. Hey WSAZ-TV- give the lady a friggin BONUS, would ya?

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