VIDEO: WTF!!?? Is Julianne Hough Getting an Exorcism?

W. T. PROVERBIAL F is happening here?

Julianne Hough (Dancing with the Stars) was in Switzerland and did this demonstration with Dr John Amaral - about energy release. I'm not exactly clear how it works, but it helps to release negative or bad energy. If you watch this- he puts his hand up on the back of her neck - kind of like the thing Spock did on Star Trek- and it sets her off. As she quivers, he goes down her spine to what looks like her, umm.......backside. When he does that- she comes off the table like a woman posessed with some eery scream.

I have no idea if that works or whatnot- but man that IS creepy!

He intimates that "normal" people would scream in pain at the release- but she doesn't because, i don't know - maybe she's used to it. But thats why she writes about like a demonic Tawny Kitaen on the hood of a Rolls in the Whitesnake video.

Yeah- whatever. I watched it a few times and still can't figure out what the hell is happening. And to me - that only means it can one - and only one thing:


You heard it hear first, bro.


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