Me and The Celtics FAN CAM!

So Valerie and I went down to the Celtics-Lakers game at the Garden on Monday night. And throughout the game I head "Fans, make sure to check out the Celtics FAN CAM when you get home! You'll see a high def photo of every fan in the TD Garden for tonights game!". Sounds pretty cool! After all, David Ortiz was there, Snoop Dog wasn't very far away from our seats, and Dana White from the UFC was there too!

So - I remembered that this afternoon and thought I'd take a look! Thats when I saw THIS-

WHAT. THE. F***!??????

18,000 people in the place, and IM THE ONE - who's pic looks like THAT????

So - here's the tweet I sent the Celtics -

Seriously. This is my life. You can't write this shit!!! Hahah - Too funny!

Thank you Fan Cam!!!


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