Some Recent Photos.....

Here's some recent shots I've taken over the last few weeks......

First is one from Tuesday night. A sailboat glides by Whaleback Light off of New Castle NH - under the Thunder Moon. I always struggle shooting the moon for some reason - but this one came out good enough. Not great, mind you - but good enough. haha...

A loon glides along Bear Brook in Errol NH, just out of reach of the early morning sun. Beautiful bird surrounded by beautiful color. I will say though - the mosquitos were INSANE there. Like- a minute at a time was about as much as I could take. Damn - felt like i was on Naked and Afraid and in the middle of the Amazonian Rain Forest!!!

Still - it's such a beautiful area, and it's loaded with wildlife-

Wildlife like this! The calf is HUGE!!! The front end of my car could have fit under and between her legs!

Cathedral Pines, Eustis, ME. This is such a beautiful spot along Rt 27 in Eustis. The towering trees loom over you and a forest floor of soft ferns and pine needles. It's quiet - and it's very aptly named because when you stand in it - you feel like you're in church.

Hope you like em -

If you want to see more of my photography, check out -



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Greg Kretschmar

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