TV Weathermen STRIKING BACK!!!

TV weathermen, and tv people in general - take a lot of s*** for stupid reasons.

People actually call the stations and complain if they don't like a woman's dress. Can you believe that? How friggin hard up for something to do are you when you feel the need to place a phone call like that?

But TV Weathermen get it on a whole different level - case in point- this guy goes off about complaints while he's giving a TORNADO warning in Ohio - where two large tornadoes touched down - which interupted THE BACHELORETTE!!!....


(For the record, if you're complaining about THE BACHELORETTE getting interupted - you need to get a life..

And then there's this guy - who interupted an NBA game in VA- and got inundated with voicemails...


Crazy, man......just nuts.

Just another reason why I say what I always do - "People suck (but not you, though....)" - haha...


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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