This Photo Drives Roadkill INSANE!!!

This pic drives Roadkill bats***. Hahah -

It's SNL's Pete Davidson - whom Roadkill despises, kissing Kate Beckinsale.

Yes, it's the Pete Davidson that had that fiasco of a relationship with Ariana Grande (which blew up), and then followed that up by making fun of a wounded Navy Seal vet turned politician Dan Crenshaw. I could give a rats ass about the Grande thing. Guys - just like women - make relationship mistakes. But the Crenshaw thing was out and outright wrong, and ridiculously stupid.

But they guy owned the latter, and apolgized to Lt Crenshaw on air - and was sincere about it. And Crenshaw, being the class act that he is - publicly accepted the apology - so, if he can forgive- then so can I. Besides, I was a fan to begin with. He's a goofy, self deprecating comedian who's awkwardness is the very thing that makes him funny to me.

Which brings me to this: Roadkill hates that THIS guy - gets THIS girl. He LOVES Beckinsale, and to see her with this "LOSER" (his words) - is insane.

In my opinion- THIS pic should give all guys hope! That the dorky, awkward guy DOES stand a chance with a smoking hot woman like Kate Beckinsale! That even applies to Roadkill! We should all be happy for the dude! (Don't mind that reports allege he has a massive still may have a shot - hahaha)

But not Roadkill! He hates him, AND this relationship!

It anything that drives Roadkill nuts - makes me happy.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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