Whale Watching from The Shore

whale 1

Off the coast of Seabrook NH and Salisbury MA - whales have been feeding for the last couple weeks, so on Sunday - Valerie wanted to go take a look.

We walked to the end of an access point- and BOOM. There they (or it) was! Breaching right in front of us about 300 yards off shore!  It was a thrill to see!!

whale 2

They re a challenge to shoot because you have to constantly scan the horizon looking for the blow from their spout - but when you catch em, it's a pretty cool thing to see!

whale 3

And they would breach pretty close to some fishermen too - like this one! Notice how 3 of the four guys on the boat are looking in the complete opposite direction??? Haha - classic! That would SO be me - ....

Pretty cool sight if you have some time to kill during the day ...


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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