Bald Eagle Photos


After watching several eagles nests from time to time, I've learned a little bit about these amazing birds. Here, with eggs in the nest, one eagle will ALWAYS be sitting on the eggs, keeping them warm and protecting them from prey (Even other eagles will attack a nest). In this photo, the male (left) had just flown in with food (a mouse) for the female. He fed it to her, and she flew. He immediately sat on the eggs while she flew to a nearby tree to eat her meal. 


Two strokes of her wings and she is off....

right at me

And headed right at me. She is less than 40 yards away, and closing fast.

And then she banks a hard left...

full view

And gives me the full view of her incredible 5 ft wide wingspan....

and she's off

And she's off to another tree to eat. 

I swear though - she was looking straight at me when she flew from the nest. I was in plain sight, so I'm sure of it. And the one thing I've come to believe about bald eagles is this:  If you're alone and posing no threat to them (and I think animals have a sense about that), then they will give you a show. Snowy Owls love to perform for those watching them - especially if that person is alone. Bald eagles are much the same. In my totally unprofessional eagle wisdom opinion....haha...

Hope you like the pics. Sorry if you're grossed out about the mouse. Too bad though. It's wildlife, and that's what happens...


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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