More Bald Eagle Shots....


The female bald eagle leaps up from the nest, and peers through the branches. I had no idea I got this shot - with her head sticking through - until I got home. Lucky shot.


The wingspan of this Bald Eagle is just about 6 ft wide- and when her wings are fully extended like this, it's very impressive to see - 


The male likes to hide in the trees.....but I caught him....

flying off

From a photography perspective, I've really been working on getting better at in flight shots, and I think I've finally am hitting on the right settings and movement. Its like anything else- practice, practice, practice! I blew a lot of sequences that could have been amazing shots - before I got to this point.....


I am still amazed that these birds can now be found all over NH. Pretty addicting to watch, that's for sure.

Hope you like em -  if you want to see more of my photos- check out !

Thanks -g

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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