Dog Clothes: UGH. (Aka "My Miserable Dog")


I was embarrassed for my dog......

I've always said "I will never ever dress up my dog".  I don't put costumes on Molly. No sweaters, hats and certainly not BOOTS! dumb does this dog look?

But Valerie - who walks Molly everyday, disagrees.

And before you start hammering me about how "good" this is for her- take a step back. I realize that. I know how cold it is, and I know road salt can hurt her feet.  But man - I don't think she could look more miserable!  When Valerie called me out to see her-  I laughed because of how miserable she looked! SHE HATED IT! Hahaha....

Look at her stepping out here!


Friggin dog should be pulling a Budweiser Beer Wagon!  

She looks like a CLYDESDALE for God's sake! Haha... CLOP CLOP CLOP CLOP!

I just laughed because- even though it may be good for her in this weather, I've never seen her look more miserable. If she could speak, she'd be spitting out Puerto Rican swear words (that's where she's from) faster than a submachine gun!

Some arguments you just to yield on, right?  Score it Valerie 1, Greg 0.  

Can ya feel me, guys?

I bet ya can.

Dog shoes, though:  Stupid.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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