Best Hoilday Ad EVER....

sausage jesus

Gotta hand it to Gregg's Bakery in the UK who put out an Advent Calendar that featured humorous religious photos-  including this one of a nativity scene featuring "Sausage Jesus".... 

I'm sorry, man - but I laughed my ass off when i saw this! Sure some people are all whacked out and have their panties all twisted about it - but why? Is there NO humor in Jesus's world?  Did Jesus not laugh at ANYTHING? C'mon - if you believe in Jesus- then you know Jesus was a MAN -   and guess what?

MEN laugh - especially at stupid stuff! And THIS - is STUPID!

Love it.

And I bet Jesus would laugh at it too...

Yeah, I said it.

So sue me.



Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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