New Photo Tuesday: A Story from The Barn

The Barn. Somewhere Near Bar Harbor, ME.

I drove past this barn, and immediately pulled over to turn around. As I was walking across the yard toward the house to ask permission to shoot it, the creaky screen door of the farmhouse opened and an old man stepped outside. A pair of suspenders held up his worn blue jeans, and the sleeves of his denim shirt were rolled up. The laces of his shoes were loose, and he wore a straw type cowboy hat. I greeted him and asked permission to photograph his lovely barn. He studied me for a few seconds and then spoke through his white beard and mustache.

"You from some magazine or somethin?"

"No", I said. "Just a guy who loves to take pictures of things that catch my eye". 

"You professional?"

I laughed and said "That depends on who you ask...."

He just nodded croaked "Go 'head then.... Do whatever ya want". 

Then he slowly pulled back the barn door, and disappeared inside. And I never saw him again. 

I don't know his name, and I doubt I could even find this place again - but I won't forget him. He was like a character straight out of a book, and embodied every great characteristic you'd expect from an ol' Mainer. A little salty, and maybe a little crusty - but with an undeniable warmth beneath his gruff exterior.

When I'm out shooting, I love moments like this. It makes the photo so much more memorable for me, and I felt I had to share it with you all.

Headlights and The Milky Way

When I shot this image, I was near Otter Point in Acadia National Park. It was about 10pm and the Park Loop road goes along the coast where I was standing (a few feet from the crashing waves). I was totally alone there, with the exception of an occaisional passing car. In this shot, just after I opened the shutter for a long exposure shot- a car came racing down the Park Loop Rd. True, I may have cursed at them under my breath. But when I saw how their headlights assisted me in this image - well, I couldn't complain. haha- Thanks to the driver who helped make this photo even better by highlighting the trees and Otter Cliffs....

The Wiggly Bridge

The Wiggly Bridge. That's what the locals call this bridge in York Harbor, ME. It swings a little when you walk on it. And on this foggy morning, the noise was the only sound to be heard. It was a beautiful foggy start to the day, and it rolled over the water bringing things in and out of view. Fog always adds mystery to every shot, and that's why I love shooting in it..

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Thanks -G

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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