My Take: Mayweather-MacGregor, and THIS Badass


So, I watched the fight. Paid the hundred and had some friends over-  and I thought it was great. Was it the best boxing match ever? Certainly not. BUT - it was a guy who had NEVER fought in a pro boxing match before, being man enough - or crazy enough- to get in there against one of the greats.....

And he went TEN F****** ROUNDS. 


Nobody gave the guy that long before the fight, and you could see that Mayweather was actually baffled a few times by the things MacGregor was doing! But Mac was gassed in the 9th and the writing was definitely on the wall. After the fight, both fighters were gracious and good sports about it. (And why shouldn't then be? With the truckloads of cash they just made!)


After the fight - the in ring scene was amazing and surreal. Could they have possibly put any more poser looking dudes trying to look badass in that ring at one time?  LOOK AT THE DUDE IN THE PIC ABOVE!!!  I GOTTA KNOW THIS GUYS STORY!

Is he some sort of secret agent from a vertically challenged country? Is he the man carrying the "football"? Is he Kim Jon Un in disguise?  Or is he just a friggin limo driver?  Who knows? But this guy stood there looking bad ass the whole time - trying to get into every shot he could. Man - the dude was worse than the ring girls!

Regardless- the suit, the face,  the glasses- I gotta give it up to this cat. Scene stealing like a boss....


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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