If Its Pumpkin Flavored, I'll Eat It

Yeah, I love pumpkin spice stuff, so what?

You show me a pumpkin spice flavored turd, and I'll consider eating it.

Ok - that was a bit much, and totally not true....

But - I did find these.....

And let me tell you this - these things are GOOD!!! 

I know people whine about pumpkin flavored things - but I don't care. Screw em! "OOhhhh - it's too early for fall flavored stuff!!! Wahhhhhhhhh!"

Can it, Alice. Do you NOT eat ice cream because it isn't summer? No. You like it - so eat it whenever you want to.

Do you only have a turkey sandwich at Thanksgiving time? No. Rock on with that year round, bro!

I LOVE pumpkin spiced stuff, and I should be able to have it when ever I want to. I'd drink pumpkin spiced coffee most of the year if i could (not in the heat of summer though - that's Island Coconut time), and if they made pumpkin spiced ice cream - I'd be chowing on that too!

AND I'll tell you this - since I'm such a cereal fan - watch for Pumpkin Spiced Frosted Mini Wheats - THEY. ARE. KILLER.

Judge me all you want, heathen - I'm standing tall on this one. Pumpkin spice forever....



Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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