The Buzz/C&J Double Decker Bus to Fenway!

fenway bus

We had a blast with a great group of listeners, and our friends from C&J bus!!!

They Boys...

Having a brew (Yes, I did, and yes, I finished it...) with Kelly Brown, and our iHeartMedia Promo God's TKA and DJ....


And then there's this:  I hate the song "Sweet Caroline" now, all thanks to the relentless singing and playing of it at Sox games. It sucks because I love early Neil Diamond stuff, too! I just can't do it anymore. The song is burnt worst than toast thats been in the toaster for 3 days!

And here's some candid shots!


And oh yeah.....this happened.

I have no explanation for it...haha 

But we had a blast, and thanks to our friends at C&J Bus Lines- they are awesome! Check them out online at !

Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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