The "Incident" at Nubble Light

So I figured I'd better let  you know what REALLY happened at Nubble Light on Sunday - before the legend becomes some mythical tale of yore.....

I was out with a group of 10 listeners and 2 of my photographer friends- shooting Nubble Light, and teaching the group about photography. It was a great group of folks - and we were having fun. 

When I'm out shooting, I sometimes can be more concerned with getting THE SHOT - than with my own personal - shall we say - "safety". I just get so focused on what I want to get for an image, I'm willing to do things that  may not be the smartest of choices. Especially for a guy like me - who might have a history of doing dumb shit.

Anyway- I was getting down low on the rocks, right down by the water. I stepped down on to what I thought was a dry rock - and found out quickly that it wasn't. As I slip down the rock - my camera bag (which is a side bag, like a satchel) slid onto the rock as I went down, and rolled over toward the water. 

That's when I shit my pants. 

Now, any photographer will tell you: SCREW YOUR BODY - SAVE THE CAMERA. And that's exactly what I did.

I quickly (trust me- I move pretty fast for a "larger American") rolled toward the water, and turned my leg as I did, and i raked it across the barnacles. But as I did- I threw my arm over the bag and pulled it back from the edge, just as it was rolling over- (with the top side open). Had I missed- my camera and 3 lenses were going for a swim.

So......I'll take getting banged up and embarrassed....

Trust me - it looks worse than it is. But I knew- "Crap....that's gonna bleed like a bastard..."

No big deal. It's the price you pay for your "art" - hahaha!

It was worth a good laugh - and it's not the first, or last time, I've been banged up going for a shot.

But the good thing about having other photogs around? 

There's always someone there to get the shot - 

I'm just thankful NOBODY got a shot of me going DOWN!!! haha - 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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