The Buzz LHC Photo Trips!

Funny thing I've learned about folks who are into photography:

They're all really nice people.

20 folks all gave $300 to Lend a Helping Can back in November for the chance to go with me and two of my photographer friends and shoot for a while, and maybe learn some things from each other. 

The first trip - and we only planned on doing one-  sold out in 12 minutes. So, we added another trip on the second day of LHC. That one sold out in half the time. It was amazing.

Fast forward to this weekend - we all met, and headed out in Great Bay Limousine (thank you!). We talked, we shared our thoughts on photography, and what we all wanted to get out of the trip. And - we shot.

I hope all of the folks that went has as much fun as I did- because I'll tell you - there's nothing better than seeing you guys get excited about shooting! Thanks to all of the folks that came with us, and thanks to my great friends - and excellent photographers Scott Thorpe (see his site HERE) and Doug Harrington (see his site HERE) - who jumped on board and were instrumental in the days success!

Lets do it again next year! 


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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