Me, Killin' It at 3 Years Old....

Check it.

Yeah, that's me at 3 years old, circa 1964. Look at me! My sisters have to hold me back from trying to get at the ladies!! (Or....maybe it was a piece of cake...haha). 

Check out the killer lid! I was 3 years old and was already channeling my inner-Sinatra! And the coat? TOTAL BOSS jacket. 

And yeah, I ain't wearing no pants, either! Absolutely free balling at 36 months old. BOOM. That's how G rolled back when the Beatles had 4 albums out in one year. 

Sure I was Pudge-Master Flash, with the cubby cheeks and legs that had rolls of fat on em- but look at me! I got the pursed lips going because I know I'm about to go house on a friggin' Chips Ahoy or somethin'!!!!

Yup. I was a savage even when I was probably still pissing my pants. 

Take a lesson, kids.


Greg Kretschmar

Greg Kretschmar

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