Even Captain Marvel Couldn't Stop 150 Airborne Mattresses

An outdoor screening of the superhero flick "Captain Marvel" over the weekend erupted in chaos as high winds turned 150 air mattresses into dangerous flying projectiles. The Denver event, hosted by Bed Cinema, provided patrons with air mattresses, blankets, pillows and tiny bedside tables so they could relax under the night sky while viewing the Marvel film. Tickets sold for $50 to $70 each. Resident Robb Manes says he was at a nearby pool when the wind suddenly picked up. "We stood up and saw the mattresses coming at us,” he told The Washington Post on Tuesday. And they kept coming, landing in the pool and toppling outdoor furniture as Manes and his friends ran for their lives. The good news is after the wind died down, the event's organizers were able to wrangle the mattresses and present the film as planned. What important plans have you made that were destroyed by the weather?

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