Missouri Man Finds Mummified Infant in Dead Mothers Freezer


Buckle up because we might have the best story of the year on our hands right now. To sum it up, a Missouri man was cleaning out his mothers house after she passed away and came across a box in her freezer with a mummified Infant inside of it. At first I wasn't very shocked, I mean this happened in Missouri which is a giant state filled with absolutely nothing so I feel like it wouldn't be to hard to lose your child there but after reading the article I am blown away with how bizarre this situation is. The man claims that his mother had this box in her freezer for over 38 years and whenever he asked about it she told him to not worry about it and that it was her wedding cake inside of it. 38 YEARS!!! Imagine putting your pizza rolls in a freezer next to a dead baby for 38 years! For the past hour I have been going back in forth in my mind on how the hell this could have happened. Did the mother kill the baby and hide it in the freezer or did she actually think that she had put a wedding cake in there? Should the son be mad that he never met his sister or should he shut his mouth and enjoy those 38 Christmas' when he got double the toys.


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