Kid Learns About Taxes The Hard Way


Nobody is having a worse day than this kid. Everyone remembers the first time they realized that taxes were an actual thing and not just something your parents bitched about all the time. For most people it's when they open their first paycheck and see that some guy named FICA is taking most of your money, but for this poor bastard he had to learn about it the hard way. This kid was on top of the world, he passed go a couple of times, bought a few hotels and then got slapped back to reality by the dreaded "Income Tax" square and the wheels fell off the wagon. With tears running down his face, his mother did the only reasonable thing you can do in this situation...record a video and post it on Facebook.

Now i'm not blaming this kid for crying, I cry all the time but i'll be dammed if i'm gonna let you take a video of it. There is no way in hell i'm gonna show back up to school on Monday and be known as the boy who cried Monopoly because I wasn't smart enough to slap the camera out of my mothers hand. Hopefully this guy learns his lesson and keeps his head on a swivel from now on.


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