APRIL 27, 2018

GREG - Making your dog happy! Eight things dogs don't like that you do. http://www.thisisinsider.com/things-youre-doing-that-your-dog-hates-2018-4

KELLY - Jimmy Buffet is opening a Margaritaville Hotel in NYC! https://ny.curbed.com/2018/4/25/17280182/margaritaville-hotel-times-square-new-york

KAYLA - Pi pick for the 78th pick in the NFL draft will get free pizza for a year from Dominos.  http://www.latimes.com/sns-dailymeal-1910667-eat-pizza-hut-nfl-draft-free-pizza-20180425-story.html 

ROADKILL - Hit runs are happening more than one every minute in the United States!  https://www.clickondetroit.com/traffic/aaa-study-more-than-1-hit-and-run-crash-happens-every-minute-on-us-roads

LAURA - Running makes you happier and more confident!  https://nypost.com/2018/04/26/theres-a-reason-why-runners-seem-so-happy/


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