Look What This Guy Found In His Ear!

You think this is RARE? Just Search "cockroach in ear" on YouTube--and you will see a BUNCH of videos of people having these nasty critters removed.

This could definitely qualify as a nightmare.

A New Zealand man's ear felt clogged after swimming in a pool. He couldn't get - what he thought was a bunch of water - out. The next day, he went to the doctor who told him to blow-dry his ear canal. That didn't work.

The man told CNN, "When I would lay down, I could hear the 'water' moving around my eardrum." After 3 days of no luck, he went to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Sure enough, the doctor quickly saw it was not water causing the problem -- a live cockroach had taken up residence. It took a suction device to get the pesky hitchhiker out, but as soon as it was removed the man described it as "instant relief." Do you have any crazy/weird/gross bug stories to share?

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