Stranded Uber Passenger Gets a $600 Bill!

An Uber passenger who got stuck in this week's I-95 shutdown in Virginia was billed $600 for the experience, he says.

However, he says Uber has since issued him a full refund.

Andrew Peters says he was taking an Uber from Dulles International Airport to his home in Richmond on Monday when his nightmare began. "We hopped on the first exit and then ... we stopped moving right there," Peters says. "There were cars behind us. There was nowhere to go. It was like being in some weird parking lot.” Peters ended up being trapped along the 50-mile stretch of roadway for 14 hours, he says.

Although he initially paid Uber $300 ($100 was a tip), the ride share company later tacked on a $400 "surcharge." After issuing Peters' refund, an Uber rep says, "We recognized that the prolonged highway shutdown was extraordinary circumstance for him and the driver." What's the longest you've been stuck in a traffic jam?

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