Red Crab Invasion On Christmas Island Brings Traffic To A Standstill!

A number of roadways on Australia's Christmas Island have been shut down after they were taken over by 120 million shelled creatures with eight legs and two claws.

No, the island wasn't invaded by space aliens. The infestation is simply part of an annual crab migration as the crustaceans travel from the forest to an Indian Ocean beach to reproduce, animal experts say.

"This year's migration has just been absolutely epic," says Brendon Tiernan, the natural resource manager for Christmas Island National Park. "The roads have been a seething mass of red crabs. It's caused traffic jams on this small island and people having to get out of their cars and rake them out the way."

Although the Australian government has constructed several bridges so the crabs can cross main roads without getting hurt or stopping traffic, thousands of crabs have been choosing to bypass the bridges, Tiernan says.

The migration is expected to continue for another month, experts say. What's the largest group of animals you've seen in the wild? What creature is the biggest nuisance in your area?

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