9 Year Old Driving Car With 4 Year Old Sister Crashes On Way To California

Utah authorities have identified the driver of a vehicle that crashed into a semi-truck Wednesday morning -- and she's just 9 years old.

The unidentified girl and her 4-year-old sister had reportedly stole their family's car because they wanted to "swim with dolphins" in California, according to West Valley City Police Lieutenant Bill Merritt. However, they sideswiped the semi before making it out of the state, Merritt says.

Fortunately, both girls were wearing their seat belts and escaped the crash without any injuries, per Merritt. The girls' parents never even knew their children had left, Merritt says.

When officers called to tell them about the crash, the parents were still in bed, unaware that the girls weren't in their room, according to Merritt. What's the boldest thing you did when you were 10 years old? Would you have had any idea how to operate a car when you were that young?