Young Women Dress As Grannies To Get Vaccine---And It May Have Worked

Two Florida women have been accused of disguising themselves as grandmas so they could get vaccinated.

The unidentified women, who investigators believe are in their 20s, showed up at an Orange County vaccination center on Wednesday wearing bonnets and granny glasses, according to the Florida Department of Health. Apparently, they'd gotten away with it once before, as they were there to get their second doses of vaccine, says the health department's Dr. Raul Pino. "I don’t know how they escaped the first time when they came to get vaccinated," Pino says.

This time around, however, an alert vaccination worker noticed the birthdates on their vaccination cards didn't match the ones on their IDs, Pino says. Both were issued trespass warnings by the Orange County Sheriff's Office and sent on their way, health officials say. Should these women have been charged with committing a crime? Did they take away vaccine from seniors who needed it?