Mardi Gras Parade Cancelled Due To You-Know-What

The cancellation of Mardi Gras hasn’t just upset people who were looking forward to getting wasted; it’s also caused financial hardships for several New Orleans businesses that rely on the annual event to generate revenue.

“We had already purchased all of our food and drink supplies,” says Beaux Church, director of Café Lafitte in Exile, Good Friends Bar and Rawhide 2010. “And we had the rug pulled out from under us at the last minute.” Business owners’ biggest beef with the city is city officials didn’t announce Mardi Gras restrictions until just a few days before it was set to begin, Church says.

“All of the bar owners would have been much better off with at least two weeks’ notice,” he notes. What would business owners have complained about had the city made the announcement two months earlier?