Little Richard's House For Sale--But Wait Til You See The One He Grew Up In

Good Golly -- Little Richard's House is For Sale!

A piece of rock and roll history has just gone on the market. The Tennessee home that rock pioneer Little Richard owned until his death has been listed for $349,000. The 6,000-square-foot Lynchburg home is actually divided into two residences that share a common foyer but each has its own entrance, according to the listing.

The left side of the home features toned-down colors, while the right side is more in line with Little Richard’s flamboyant lifestyle. It’s painted in bright blue, pink and “radiant purple,” the listing says. Little Richard died in May after a battle with bone cancer. He was 87 years old.

Are you surprised that Little Richard didn't own a more extravagant home? It may have seemed that way to him--judging by the house he grew up in--check out the video!