Little Caesars Workers Fired After Putting A Swastika On A Pizza

A pair of Little Caesars employees in Ohio have been canned after they gave a customer a pizza with a swastika on it.

There's racism---and then there's STUPIDITY. This one checks both boxes.

Brook Park residents Misty and Jason Laska say they picked up a pepperoni pizza from the eatery over the weekend, and when they got home they discovered the pepperoni had been placed on it to form a Nazi swastika. Posting a photo of the pizza on Twitter, Misty Laska wrote she was "truly disappointed."

In a statement released Monday, Little Caesars officials said they have "zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form." They went on to say the franchise employees who were responsible for the stunt had been "immediately terminated." Could these employees be charged with a hate crime? Have you ever received something unexpected in a take-out order?

Hopefully, there will be ZERO blowback to Little Caesars--not their fault--and they handled it the only way they could.

Pizza, Pizza!

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