Bernie Is Ready! Here's The Latest Geek Freak of the Week

The weekend has arrived...and even though you are stuck inside here's some of the latest geek gossip and nerd news. Ready? Ok good. Let's geek out!

Light The Bat-Signal!

HBO Max is setting the stage for the revival of the iconic Batman: The Animated Series. Kevin Smith made light of this development on his podcast Fatman Beyond Podcast earlier in the week. Now, to be fair, a sequel series does exist, Batman Beyond which ran on the WB Network from 1999-2001. This new series could be seen as a continuation of the '90s series, much like Justice League and Justice League Unlimited was a continuation of both the Batman and Superman animated series.

If this does happen, two things MUST happen to make it appeal to audiences and fans. Bring back Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman and make sure Bruce Timm is involved. Bruce Timm is the Kevin Feige of the DC Animated Universe.

Grab The Popcorn...Lots of it

Another HBO Max story here. When the Synder Cut was announced back in 2020 it was originally going to be four one-hour parts released on HBO Max over the course of 2021 with the first part coming out this March. Scrap that plan, it's changed. Zack Snyder said on his Vero that his version will be a "one-shot" release. Does that mean one long movie or four individual parts just released at the same time? March is only five weeks away so clarification will be coming soon!

A Fight Is Coming...

The fight of all fights is coming to an HBO Max subscription near you! The first trailer for Godzilla VS. Kong is days away. Check back on Sunday 1/24 for the trailer!


As stated in last week's Geek Freak of the Week, Morbius was supposed to be released this October, however, Sony has pushed the next James Bond film No Time To Die" to that release date. The new release date for Morbius, starring Jared Leto, is now in January of 2022.

Here's Barbara!

Another story regarding HBO Max, I know, they really went to town making their announcements this week. Savannah Welch has been cast to play Barbara Gordon in the HBO Max series Titans. This version of Barbara will be her post-Batgirl tenure. Whether or not she has taken on the identity of Oracle before she is introduced for the upcoming third season is still up in the air.

Don't expect Barbara to be a damsel in distress or weakened due to the Joker crippling her. In a fan-made Twitter account, we can see Savannah Welch training to fight sitting down indicating that Barbara is not going to be messing around.

The release date for Season 3 of Titans has not been announced yet, however, the new season will be moving from DCuniverse over to HBO Max.

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