Ready For 2021? Here's the Geek Freak of the Week.

As we close 2020 (finally) and enter a new year, here are somethings you can do tonight to pass the time as the clock strikes closer to midnight.

If you start Star Wars: A New Hope at 10:02:43 you'll see the Death Star go BOOM at midnight.

Oh, you're a Marvel fan? Okay, then press play on Avengers: Infinity War at 9:48:54 to see Thanos' snap half the universe away when midnight strikes.

If you want to see Iron Man save the day with his famous and sacrificial snap you'll need to start Avengers Endgame at 9:29:30.

Want to get away from Disney? Start Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers at 9:13:19 to hear Theoden say "So it begins" right before the Battle of Helm's Deep.

But of course, you could keep it quiet and just meet up with someone at midnight for a quick coffee and cheesesteak sandwich.

Happy New Year, alright, let's geek out for the final time of 2020!

DC Animated Movie Universe...Part 2

In 2020 we saw the end of the under-the-radar DC animated movie universe with Justice League Dark: Apokalips War.

Don't worry, in 2021 DC and Warner Bros Animation have more to go around. No word on whether this will be another in-continuity movie universe or more stand-alone films focusing on the characters and story.


Oh, no....not World War 3, that's short for Wonder Woman 3. Maybe that's why Warner Bros gave the sequel the title of 1984 so people wouldn't be looking up World War 2 events. I didn't think of that until now.

Anyways...before the release of Wonder Woman 1984, no one was sure if a third installment would take place. On December 27th it was confirmed that not only a follow-up would be made but also that Gal Gadet and director Patty Jenkins will be returning. Time table on the release date? The standard be determined.

Marvel Mania

It is crazy how much Marvel news was released a few weeks ago at Disney's Investor Day. We can finally take a sigh of relief now that 2021 is just a few hours away, WonderVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier are just weeks away.

On A Lighter Note

If you were missing Baby Yoda (or whatever people are calling him these days) then see The Child jam out with Robert Rodriguez from the set of The Mandalorian.

2020 was promised to be a great year for movies and more geek gossip and of course, nerd news. But, life had other plans. Here's to 2021. Don't forget to take a listen to the latest Geek Freak of the Week Podcast on iHeart Radio or on your smart speaker. Until Next Year...I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!