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Another week has passed and a long weekend is upon us (well, some of us). Before you head out to the grill remember that season 2 of The Boys is now out! The first three episodes are streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Wait...THREE?! Why not the whole season? This seems to be an experiment that Amazon is trying out. Expect the 4th episode of the season to arrive Friday September 11 and the 5th episode the following Friday. Like? Don't like? This will be the case until the season finale. No word on if this will be the format for Season 3 of the show, which was announced in July during Comic-Con (at home).

Let's play a game. How many times will the F-word be used in the first episode?

The Date Is The Way.

Arriving in our own galaxy next month, the second season of The Mandalorian will be available Friday, October 30th, 2020. Will the first episode start off where season one left off? We need to know how Moff Gideon got his imperial hands on that Dark Saber! Also coming this season, Boba Fett is also set to return. In the next few weeks a teaser is expected. Stay tuned.

Live From The Bat Copter

Batman Day 2020 is September 21 and to celebrate Waze, everyone's favorite traffic app, has teamed up with the Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, to help with your turn-by-turn directions. Want to know what makes this better? When you select his voice your car becomes the Batmobile! Well, on the screen of your phone when you are using the app. If the Batmobile doesn't suit you, how does the "Riddler Racer" sound? Along with Kevin Conroy, Waze has also brought in Wally Wingert, who voiced the Riddler in Batman: Arkham video game series to be the second voice for your driving directions.

You can use this feature on the app until October 31st, 2020.

Green Arrow's New Job

Now that Stephen Amell has some time on his hands since the end of Arrow on the CW, he's looking ahead to his next adventure.

As John Diggle/Spartan/The next Green Lantern on Earth-Prime famously said "obviously, this particular comment didn't age to well"

Don't worry, the former archer actor can not run for Prime Minster on the grounds of you can not run for the position, it is not an elected seat like the President of the United States. Like many countries with a parliamentary system, the party leader, who is chosen by the party members, becomes Prime Minister if their group wins the most seats in any of Canadians elections. However, there is a loophole:

If Stephen Amell received his Canadian citizenship at any point while living and working in British Columbia then he could start his own political party, let's call it...the Arrow Party, and if he campaigned, convinced others to run under that group, and won the most seats, then yes, technically he could become Prime Minster. However, I don't believe this was his intention when he drafted that tweet. Good theory though, right?

Actually, Stephen Amell does have a new project. He will be in a show called Heels, a wrestling drama on Starz. In that series he will be doing his own stunts and wearing a speedo...well, "trunks" as the wrestling business calls it. You can read about that story here.

Honoring A King

Ever since we learned of Chadwick Boseman's passing there has been non-stop tributes made in his honor. Here is the latest from Marvel Studios.

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