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Geeks, nerds, dorks, and everyone who is a pop culture fan get ready because it is COMIC-CON WEEKEND!

The biggest pop culture and nerdy event of the year is here! A little different due to COVID-19. Instead of closing things down and making fans wait to wear their cosplay, San Diego Comic Con has teamed up with IGN and a few other sources to bring the event to your home with 'Comic-Con@Home'. Cool, right? The panels, the announcements, the coverage, and the surprises all being streamed! Here are the ways, pick whatever one you want!

So grab the cosplay, suit up and enjoy! Since Comic-Con@Home started this past Wednesday some news has already been announced. You can find those stories below but make sure you come back periodically to see any new announcements from this weekends mega-nerd event. But for now...let's geek out!


According to this teaser it is!

So it wouldn't be Comic-Con without some announcements and this is surly one that NO ONE, and I mean, NO ONE saw coming. Although cryptic, it looks like the now-dead G4 Network is getting a second chance of life in 2021.

What was the G4 Network? NBCUnivseral and Dish Network teamed up to launch this never-done-before format in 2002 as a 24 hour network for fans of the video-game genre. Slowly the network transitioned towards general pop culture by the time it went off the air in 2014. It helped launch the careers of Olivia Munn, Kevin Pereira, Chris Hardwick, among others. G4's days were numbered shortly after the merger between NBCUniversal and cable giant Comcast in 2011. Hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira left the network along with key figures at NBCUnivsersal that supported the channel. One day in 2012 it was announced that the two headline shows on the network X-Play and Attack of the Show were to end and were given final episodes to tape. Since then, the gaming network was re-branded into the Esquire Channel which is still broadcasting today.

Now comes the questions. Is it coming back as a TV channel? An online stream like Twitch? Or something else? What about the hosts? I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the details.....

More Drakkon

Make room on the shelves for another Drakkon figure. Available this September exclusively from Hasbro Pulse for $49.99, Hasbro is releasing a fully evolved version of Lord Drakkon from the comics of Boom Studios and the 2018 Shattered Grid story line. In another time line, Tommy Oliver stays with Rita after the spell is broken from the Green With Evil story arc from the TV series. Tommy eventually takes over for Rita and becomes Lord Darkkon, defeats the Power Rangers, and creates a new suit that is shown in the Lightning Collection exclusive.

The suit is said to represent his final evolution in the comics. No word on when the pre-order will begin.

speaking of Lightning Collection, and thanks to the YouTube channel MMPR Toys, you can get a deal on your favorite Power Rangers weapon. A few months ago Hasbro announced the Lightning Collection version of the Green Rangers Dragon Dagger listed as a Hasbro Pulse exclusive for $59.99. Gamestop has the Dragon Dagger on sale for 47.99! Here's the link .

We Are The Prodigy

Along with Star Trek: Picard, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and the new animated series, Star Trek: Lower Decks, Nickelodeon is jumping on the band wagon to go where the network hasn't gone before and commissioned their own version with Star Trek: Prodigy. During the Thursday panel the logo was revealed for this series.

A Whale of a Time

Thought season of Amazon Primes' The Boys had some major f-ed up moments? Watch this exclusive clip from season 2.

Speaking of The Boys, Amazon has announced that our favorite dysfunctional group of hero and anti-heroes are coming back for a third season!

It Only Last Two Mins

(that's what she said). Along with the New Mutants panel and Comic-Con trailer posted earlier, 20th Century Studios (the new name for 20th Century Fox since Disney acquired them) has released the first two mins of New Mutants for us all to see.

Remember to check back all weekend for more news and announcements! Seriously, this weekend I don't move from my computer screen. Don't worry, I shower at the end of the weekend.

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