The Revival of Some But Not All In The Latest Geek Freak of the Week!

Holy crap what a week. Hello geeks, nerds, and dorks. If I had to pick a word for this week it would this, revivial. From Baba Fett to Swamp Thing to a new Percy Jackson series. It's just all coming back in one way shape or form. Before we get into that, we have some toys to talk about it. Let's geek out!

A Powerful Friday

It's all about Power Rangers over at HASBRO. On Friday the toy company released the name for the 28th season of the iconic series. Introducing Power Rangers: Dino Fury. Here's the generic plot for the season:

"When an army of powerful alien beings is unleashed on Earth, threatening life as we know it, a brand-new team of Power Rangers, fueled by the pre-historic power of the dinosaurs, are recruited to deal with the threat."

Pretty standard season they have planned. Aliens arrive. Teenagers find powers. Boom...morph into rangers and get to drive large robotic dinosaurs. Dino Fury will be the fourth series to have a prehistoric/dinosaur motif. It's all about selling toys and people love dinosaurs! We could get a glimpse of the next season soon. The original Red Ranger, Jason, along with members from Power Rangers Dino Charge will be making an appearance in a future tram up episode in the current season, Power Rangers Beast Moprhers. Maybe this will be HASBRO's way of showing fans the next season going forward. That be different and interesting to see!

Oh...and this season they have swords. Who DOESN'T like swords as the primary weapon?

And of course, here are the toys! All are part of the Lighting Collection line and are available for pre-order through Wal-Mart, Game Stop, and Hasbro's website. Links below!

Release Video from HASBRO

Alpha 5 & Zordon 2-Pack (Wal-Mart exclusive)

Power Coins and Power Morpher (Wal-Mart exclusive)

Putty Patrol 2-Pack (HASBRO Pulse exclusive)

Psycho Green Ranger (HASBRO Pulse exclusive)

Also available

Rita & Zedd 2-Pack (Game Stop Exclusive)

Green Rangers Dragon Dagger (available through HASBRO Pulse and Game Stop)

Add Deadpool to the Deadpool

So wait...there might NOT be a Deadpool 3?!

Not according to co-creator Rob Liefeld. Did the movies run the course? All seemed promising a few months ago when we saw Ryan Reynolds, Marvel, and Disney meeting. Was that just a show?! Probably was. Damn, I wanted to see how Disney would have handled Deadpool in the MCU.

Boba Fett...Boba Fett? Where?!

And then Han hits Boba's jet pack and he flies into the sarlacc pit. Did he crawl out or was he saved? The way C-3P0 described the sarlacc, nothing could get out once they were gobbled up. Regardless, pretty sure this appearance was going to happen eventually in some way. There was a mysterious figure that showed up at the end in chapter 5 "The Gunslinger". Was that Boba Fett? Most of the internet agrees it was. Season two is on the way so it will be revealed soon enough.

Back to the Swamp

Swamp Thing is back! Well, sort of. Even though the show is going to be airing on the CW this fall this is not a revival of the series that was axed by DCuniverse. The CW (which Warner Brothers owns 50%) has acquired the rights to air the only season on the network. Why? The next story of the Geek Freak will explain it.

Swamp Thing had a quick cameo this past December and January on the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover establishing that this series takes place on Earth-19. Most thought that was just for fan service along with a glimpse of the Titans and members of the Doom Patrol. Were their cameos a prelude of what is to come for the CW? That can be answered later.

Swamp Thing launched on DCuniverse on May 31, 2019 then the plug was pulled on June 6, 2019. At least it was able to stream all of its 10 episodes.

A Super Crossover Is Coming....

We hate you COVID-19. It looks like there will be delay of the start to many of the series we watch on the CW. The network has decided to release their primary shows in January 2021 instead of the fall of 2020. Here's the line up:

That would explain why Swamp Thing will be airing this fall on the CW. But this also means, no yearly Arrowverse crossover! Don't worry, one is set for 2021.

It was rumored that the next Arrowverse crossover event would be much smaller compared to Crisis on Infinite Earths. To be honest, that's a smart move. On Thursday, IGN reported that the CW has given fans a hint at what that could be. The next crossover is leading towards a possible Superman vs Batwoman story arc. This kind of makes sense. It will be similar to how Arrow and Flash teamed up before the yearly crossover was a thing. Going back to basics! Missing from the list are DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl. No, they are not canceled but are set for mid-season returns.

Here Percy, Percy!

Wait...Disney is going to make a series that is NOT Star Wars or Marvel related?! Holy crap. So, who is this Percy Jackson? The Percy Jackson book series is about a young boy who finds out he is the son of Greek God of the Sea Poseidon making him a demigod. There are many others like him in the world so he is sent away to a camp to learn how to fight along with other half-gods who are the children of the Gods and Goddesses. Wait...this sounds familiar.

Yes, there were two movies about this already. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010) and Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters (2013). Both based off the first two books. The three remaining books, The Titans Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, & The Last Olympian were never made into movies. One of the reasons was due to the actors real-life ages. They were older then their book counterparts. Having an entire movie series that spans a few years was going to be difficult.

So why redo it now and why Disney? The movies were distributed by 20th Century and since Disney paid a boat load of money for that studio they now own the rights by default. Since this is Disney they like to start from scratch and a new fresh series is being developed for Disney+. From what we know, each book will be adapted into their own season.

Right now this is in the very early stages so more information will be coming out in the future. In the mean time, go brush up on your Greek mythology and legends.

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until next week. I'm Maz and that's the Geek Freak of the Week!

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