The Moment Anakin Skywalker Became Darth Vader

Happy Star Wars Day one and all! I've often asked myself at what moment did Anakin Skywalker truly become Darth Vader? Let's break it down, shall we?

If you go by the movies, there are some obvious scenes. Like this one

I still don't think THAT was the moment. Maybe it was this?

Eh, no. Still not buying it. Thanks to the prequel trilogy, when you saw Darth Vader you didn't fear him. When did that all change? There was a moment in the TV series Star Wars: Rebels. That series takes place a few years after Revenge of the Sith. This could be the indicator of when young Skywalker was no more.

Ahsoka, Anakin's former apprentice, learns that her master and friend is indeed Vader. When she confronts him it doesn't go so well. Not only do we see a very intense and memorable light saber battle but it also showed that Anakin Skywalker was truly gone and that Darth Vader had fully taken over. If you want to see the exact moment, skip to 4:14 in the clip.

A tad heartbreaking, isn't it? With his helmet broken and Anakin's face revealed, you think there is a moment of hope he will come back from the dark side. Nope. His deep sinister trademarked voice is also gone and we hear Anakin's voice (well, his Clone Wars actors version) say the famous line "then you will die". That is the moment we truly see that Anakin is gone and Darth Vader is in the drivers seat.

Then the ending of Rogue One happens and the thought process is "I will never make fun of him for yelling nooooooooo ever again" (okay, maybe a little)

What do you think? When did Anakin truly become Darth Vader? Love to hear your thoughts. May the 4th be with you!

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