Jason Momoa In The Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Ad

Is this the most talked about Super Bowl commercial? It might be. You know the one.

It's great to see celebrities make fun of themselves. I personally enjoy it. Actors who portray superheroes and other comic book characters work out for hours and days to get muscles and abs that rival what we see in Greek and Roman mythology. It seems whenever Jason Momoa does something that involves his physical form no one knows what to do. Here's an example:

Remember when he stopped working out after Aquaman had wrapped production and had a little gut instead of a six pack? The internet freaked out. When Chris Pratt had a little gut everyone thought he had a great "dad-bod".

I don't want to make this about Marvel vs DC but from the looks of how divided the internet is over the ad you can't help but think it because if this starred Chris Pratt or the other Chris' of Marvel (Hemsworth or Evans) people would have loved it and probably forgotten about it. Maybe that's why Rocket Mortgage chose Jason Momoa! They knew he'd get more attention. Maybe...maybe not. Okay, if you liked it, you liked it. If you hated it...then hate it. Its a Super Bowl commercial that someone paid a boat load of money to get on TV for one night.

Since everyone is chatting about it, I guess this was money well spent.

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