Matt Leonard grew up in Patriots country, Foxboro, MA and has been on the radio since he was 17. Since then, Matt has graced the airwaves all over New England but mostly in Boston for  WCGY, WBCN and WAAF before taking on weekday afternoons at The Rock Station WHEB in 2015.

When Matt isn’t on the radio he keeps busy with is Pink Floyd podcast at for the last 13 years. Matt is well known around the word amongst Pink Floyd fans as a leading expert on the band and has worked with Floyd Management on occasion. 

In addition to being an obsessed Floyd fan, he is also very much into Volkswagen and is the proud owner of a special European Pink Floyd Limited Edition Golf and works very hard at keeping his car running in tip top shape. “It’s a constant struggle” Matt says, “but it’s worth every second because my car is a unicorn in The States.” 

Matt also enjoys traveling for concerts especially to London any chance he gets. Other hobbies include collecting military artifacts from both world wars, vaping, and chilling with friends.



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