Shaw's - Cheez It Crackers - $1.47 with your Just 4U rewards (limit 2)


Market Basket – Woodstock and Wachusetts - $11.99 (12 pack)

Hannaford – Harpoon and Founders - $14.99 (15 pack)


Market Basket - Breakfast Sandwiches (not sweet but I know he's a fan) - $1.69 (Egg and cheese, or bacon, canadian bacon, sausage)



Avocados – 79 cents each (Corn Cakes)

Baby Bella Mushrooms - $1.99 (Tuscan Chicken Thighs w/Veggie and Shells)

Cherry Tomatoes – 2 for $4 (Tuscan Chicken Thighs w/Veggie and Shells)


Chicken Breasts - $1.69lb (Slow Cooker Chicken)

Riced Cauliflower - $1.49 (frozen and you can use instead of brown rice for your orange shrimp)

Jalapeno Peppers - $1.09 (8 oz package) (corn Cakes)

Fresh Bagged Spinach - $1.65 (Stuffed Pork Chops and Tuscan Chicken Thighs)

Queso Fresco Cheese - $2.75 (Corn Cakes)

Chicken broth - $1.19 (Tuscan Chicken)


Thighs and Drumsticks, leg quarters – 77 cents lb (Tuscan Chicken Thighs)

White potatoes - $1.77 (serve up some mashed with your slow cooker chicken)

Florida's Natural - 2 for $5 (Orange Shrimp)

Raw Shrimp - $6.99lb (31-40 ct – Orange Shrimp)

Signature Select Pasta - 79 cents (Tuscan chicken w/Veggie Shells)


Center Cut Pork Chops - $1.99lb (Stuffed Pork Chops)

Green Peppers - $1.29lb (Corn Cakes)

Vidalia Onions - 79 cents lb (Tuscan Chicken)

Cilantro - 99 cents (Corn cakes, Orange Chicken)

Limes - 4 for $1 (Corn Cakes)


TUSCAN CHICKEN THIGHS W/VEGGIE AND SHELLS – Prepare some pasta shells al dente and set aside. Season your chicken thighs with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and cook your chicken skin side down in a skillet with coconut oil (you can use olive oil too) and brown on each side and then remove from heat. In the same skillet add in chopped vidalia onions until soft then add in your minced garlic and then use some white white to scrape up the bits and add in chicken stock, heavy cream and some sun dried tomatoes and cook until it gets thick and then add in your chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped fresh spinach, chopped mushrooms (and any other veggies you have around – zucchini, summer squash, etc). Cook until soft and add in some grated parm cheese and season to your taste with more salt and pepper then add your chicken back into pan and simmer until chicken is heated through. Serve on top of your pasta shells and add some fresh parsley on top.

ORANGE SHRIMP W/BROWN RICE OR RICED CAULIFLOWER - Cook your shrimp in some oil quickly in a skillet on each side for a minute and set aside. In your skillet, I like to add in some pea pods to this dish so cook them up in some oil and garlic until soft and then remove and set aside with your shrimp. Add orange juice, honey, apple cider vinegar, ground ginger, soy sauce, orange zest, red pepper flakes, onion powder and salt and pepper and simmer until thickened. If it does not get thick you can combine some orange juice and cornstarch together and mix into the pan to thicken. Once the sauce is at the right consistency add your pea pods and shrimp back to your skillet. Serve over brown rice (prepared as directed) or over cauliflower rice (frozen is on sale at Aldi). You can garnish with cilantro, chopped scallions and sesame seeds.

STUFFED PORK CHOPS - Buy a thick cut pork chop and put a slice in the middle and season with salt and pepper. (If you have time you can brine it first by putting your pork in a bowl that has sugar, salt and water and let it sit for an hour in the fridge.) While that is brining you can make your stuffing by ripping up some bread or putting it in the food processor for smaller pieces. Heat some oil in a skillet and add garlic and until soft and add chopped fresh spinach and then add in some ricotta and fontina cheese, parmesan, bread crumbs, some lemon juice, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Remove your pork chops from brining liquid, rinse with water and pat dry and then add your stuffing mixture to each chop. Brown each side of pork chop and then put in the oven to finish cooking. Serve with your favorite veggie side!

CORN CAKES – I have tried corn fritters but when I saw this recipe it was right up my alley! In a bowl mix corn, 1 can of creamed corn, chili powder, paprika, 2 eggs, shredded sharp cheddar cheese, paprika, salt, chopped pimentos, chopped green peppers, chopped queso fresco, chopped cilantro and then sift in some flour, add in some corn meal and a spoon of baking powder. Once everything is mixed well, slowly stir in milk so batter isn’t too thick and that it can drop off a spoon. In a skillet use avocado oil if you have it or regular oil and put a spoonful of corn mixture into pan and flatten down into a patty and cook for a few minutes until golden brown and flip over and cook on the other side until golden brown. Serve up with an avocado salad. (Chopped avocados, chopped red onion, chopped jalapenos, chopped red chilli, squeeze in some lime juice, salt and pepper.)

Easy meal of the week – SLOW COOKER CHICKEN – Food in the crock pot makes life really easy and the meat gets so tender! Season your chicken breasts with salt and pepper and place in your crock pot. In a bowl mix minced garlic, brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, apple juice, soy sauce and Black pepper and pour over your chicken. Let this cook on low for 8 hours. Once done you can remove some of the sauce and put in a sauce pot and combine some water and cornstarch and add to your sauce from crock pot to thicken up and pour over your chicken and serve with some mashed potatoes!