Our Trip to the Center for Wildlife in Maine

If you don't know the story about Speedy and our first trip to Center for Wildlife in Cape Neddick, Maine here it is! A couple weeks ago a blue jay got into the "she shed" that is attached to our house. Reba immediately went in and Jeff heard the chaos and the thought the bird was a goner. Well a couple hours later when I got off the air I went up stairs and saw a blue jay hopping around the shed with a mangled wing. It took almost four hours to catch this guy. He was hiding under the couch, running around under pallets of our pellets, chairs, etc. The boys named him Speedy because he was so quick! We caught him and started calling rescue places to see if they would take him but no luck. I kept him in a box over night with some water and bird seed, and honestly I was hoping if he passed in the night then it would be over, but he survived. A snow storm was suppose to hit and I did not want to free him outside to just get buried in the snow and die. I went to work the next day and told the boys what had happened and Kristen reached out to me from the Center for Wildlife in Maine saying they would take a look at Speedy. I drove home to pick up the boys and the bird and we drove to drop him off. A week later we were informed that his injuries were to serious but he was put down peacefully and that made the boys feel better about Speedy.

A week later I was contacted by Kristen again inviting us to check out their new facility! We got a private tour and got to meet all their animal ambassadors! My boys were thrilled and Parker couldn't stop telling them that he is going to make sure that when school opens up they will have a field trip there. They have so many animals that they have saved that couldn't make it in the wildlife so they care for them there and they are so beautiful and cared for. Turtles, owls, a porcupine, falcon, hawks, a snake, opposum, squirrel, like I said my boys were thrilled! They learned a lot. Thank you so much to Kristen, Katy and Carolyn! They taught us so much and were so kind to let us take the tour and to care for Speedy in his last days. The boys are planning a lot of visits already!

Enjoy some pictures and hopefully as things get back to normal they will be opening up again for groups, field trips, family trips and more. It really was beautiful and such a nice day!